International Journal of Innovation and Business Strategy

Internal Quality Management Strategies of Universities in Kwara State, Nigeria: A Comparative Approach

Written by Awodiji, Omotayo A., Ijaiya, Nike Y. S., Akinnubi, Olaolu P.

Abstract: Internal Quality Management (IQM) is a process of enhancing and ensuring quality teaching-learning, research, and community service in the university system to attain quality graduates and satisfied consumers. This study, therefore, compared the IQM strategies practised by the universities (private, state and federal) in Kwara State, Nigeria. A descriptive survey design of comparative type was used. The proportional stratified sampling technique was used to select 261 lecturers out of 2,306 academic staff. The research question was answered with the adoption of frequency, percentage, and mean ratings. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and t-test was adopted to test the research hypotheses at 0.05 significant level. Findings revealed that IQM strategies were moderate at 61.9 %. Also, a significant difference at the p < .05 was found in the IQM strategies among universities F (2, 223) = 27.62, p = .000. The study concluded that Universities are different in IQM strategies. It was recommended that the implementation of IQM strategies should be improved upon by the management of both private and public Universities in Kwara State in order to enhance the attainment of vision and mission statements.

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