International Journal of Innovation and Business Strategy

Gender Equality at the Workplace: Malaysia's Stance and Prevailing Challenges

Written by Noraliza Jalal, Reena Baskaran, Nirosha Tanga Rajoo, Sharmini Nair Prathaban, Prasath Ambalagan.

Abstract: To explore common aspects discussed by literature studies on gender equality in the workplace. A meta-analysis was conducted by reviewing various resources such as journals and articles. This research was using secondary data as their primary source, which is around 25 articles regarding gender equality in the workplace. Women are the most affected group of the community regarding this gender equality in the workplace as women were distinguished as the group of people who lacks the technical and managerial skills which prevent them from achieving success in their work. The government should take more measurements in order to motivate the employer to recruit more female workers into their workplace and practice gender equality habits in the management.

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