International Journal of Innovation and Business Strategy

Research on the Risk of Transnational Merger and Acquisition

Written by Xie Chong, Li Heng, Chen Si, Wang Chunlian, Yan Moxian, Zhang Kaibo.

Abstract: Base on the conditions of economic globalization, transnational mergers and acquisitions have become an important method for companies to implement internationalization strategies. From the current situation, many Chinese enterprises try to expand overseas by adopting transnational mergers and acquisitions. This research collected financial data from the annual reports from 2012 to 2014 and then calculated financial indicators, and utilized the DuPont Analysis, based on the integration of quantitative methods and propose solutions and countermeasures based on the analysis. The basic research structure of corporate transnational MandA performance will be constructed on the macro and micro basis, and the performance problem will be defined from the perspectives of theories, methods, and data, thus forming the basic system of research. Through the case of Wanda's merger and acquisition of AMC, analyze the existing problems of corporate cross-border merger and acquisition performance, to summarize the influencing factors, and make recommendations.

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