Towards a Substantive Theory of Leadership, Negotiation and Decision Making of Leaders

Written by Hind K. Makhdom, Mohd Z. Ghazali.

This paper presents a review of the literature on leadership and a description of the proposed Leadership Framework, through which the leadership capabilities of various leaders would be viewed. The framework has been developed by innovating and adapting from knowledge and information made available from previous literature and research works. The literature review describes source theories of leadership, the early emphasis on great man theories, traits theories, behavioral theories, the contingency theories and finally the ‘new theories of leadership’, which place great importance on vision, and the concept of transformational leadership, in which charisma and a leader’s motives, beliefs and values are equally important. The leadership framework proposed consists of six elements or windows; namely vision, strategy, structure, process which involves negotiation and decision making, personal proficiency and leadership grooming.

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