International Journal of Innovation and Business Strategy

Embrace The Finest Minds For Malaysian Higher Education

Written by Rosmini Omar, Zarina Salam, Misyer Tajudin.

From 1967 to 1997, during the past thirty years, Malaysia has evoked the rise and struggle of its higher learning institutions in nurturing talents to develop critical industries, to prepare leaders for the public sector and to create entrepreneurship for the country. Nonetheless, its position in the decades of 2000s looms a critical concern. Malaysia is slumped within the middle income nations. Its higher education institutions are challenged with economic turbulence, globalization, fast technological innovations, deregulation, socio-cultural shifts and most importantly issues of sufficient talents in higher education learning who could continuously nurture future talents across its various critical industries. This case highlights inquiries of whether leaders of Malaysian higher education institutions today could  repeat their predecessors’ contribution and the success for the nation, if not exceeding them; has the system equipped talents at universities with competencies to transcend the whole institutions into better heights of growth and adaptations to new challenges; and whether the system finely gained the critical pool of teaching and research talents to lead Malaysian higher education institutions at the brink of 2020. The vital inquiries are depicted in the case with Siti Fatanah Hassan being the main protagonist to delve into such issues.

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