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Ramesh Zaidi Rozan

Ramesh Zaidi is currently an Associate Professor in Information Systems, AHIBS. Formally a senior academia from the Faculty of Computing for more than 15 years. He is also the Director of the UTM Centre for Student Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship (UTM XCITE). He has B.Sc., M.IT and D. Eng. in Information Science & Control Engineering(博士工学)from JAPAN in 2007. He formerly held four positions in non-academic and academic either in Private and Government organizations and an entrepreneur since 1993. He is very passionate in cross fertilizing Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset with Computational Thinking (CT) concepts designing the Formulation of Problem & Solution. Continuously, he strive to inject Humane ingredients into computational solution and be Industry 4.0 ready!

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Technopreneurship, Project management, Business Modeling, Start-up Development, Computational Thinking, Business and Systems Analysis, Pitching and Sales, and System Safety

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