Action research is an approach to research that focuses on solving real-world problems and creating practical solutions, to address industry challenges, improve business practices, or contribute to the development of knowledge in the field. It involves a collaborative and iterative process that engages researchers and practitioners in a cyclical manner, allows researchers working closely with industry partners, organizations, or communities to identify issues, develop interventions or solutions, implement them, and evaluate their impact. This collaborative and applied research approach allows for the practical application of research findings and the potential for creating positive change in the business environment.

Action research aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice by actively involving stakeholders in the research process, generating actionable insights, and contributing to the advancement of business knowledge and practices. Action research can be applied to various areas and disciplines include:


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15 May 2024

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11-12 June 2024


Business and Management

To address organizational challenges, improve leadership practices, enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, and drive organizational change and innovation


To improve patient care, enhance patient outcomes, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and develop evidence-based practices in areas such as nursing, healthcare management, and patient experience

Information Systems (IS)

To address challenges and improve the design, implementation, and use of information systems within organizations. It combines research and practice to create practical solutions and generate knowledge that informs decision-making and enhances the effectiveness of information systems

Environmental Sustainability

To study and address environmental challenges, promote sustainable practices, and develop strategies for mitigating the impact of human activities on the environment


To address issues related to teaching methodologies, curriculum development, student engagement, classroom management, and professional development for teachers

Organizational Development

To analyse and improve processes, enhance employee satisfaction and productivity, develop leadership skills, and promote organizational change and innovation


To study consumer behavior, evaluating marketing campaigns, testing new marketing strategies, or analyzing the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives

Accounting and Finance

To improve accounting & financial practices, developing new financial reporting methods, addressing ethical dilemmas, or evaluating the impact of accounting regulations on organizations


To study the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, evaluating entrepreneurial ecosystems, developing innovative business models, or assessing the impact of entrepreneurial interventions on economic growth

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