We, the staff of UTM International Business School pledge that:

Our students will graduate with the competencies to :
  • Integrate and generate in-depth relevant knowledge in business administration;
  • Develop research and problem solving skills relevant to organizations;
  • Evaluate and react responsibly in social situations involving stakeholders;
  • Adhere to legal, ethical and professional codes of practice;
  • Organize and adapt contemporary business knowledge independently and effectively;
  • Analyze general management concepts and to identify and strategize opportunities for organizations.
The Government will receive :
  • Competent business management talents that will contribute to the societal wealth and well being
The industry will receive :
  • Trained professionals with pertinent business management competencies;
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial leaders for the global market
  • Constant school commitment with strong core values of teamwork, integrity, professional and customer oriented services
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