The AHIBS Advisory Council’s mission is to provide external perspective and review as well as advocacy and support for AHIBS programs, strategic direction, and overall objectives.


The remit of the AHIBS Advisory Council is to help Azman Hashim International Business School (“AHIBS”) achieve its goal of “being the top 10 business school in Asia by 2025. This will be achieved through:

  • The delivery of an excellent learning experience;
  • The routine completion of internationally recognised, relevant research; and
  • The provision of innovative support for business enterprises whether regional, national or global.

There are 3 specific terms of reference each member of the AHIBS Advisory Council Panel Members must commit to:

Employability and Development – To enhance the employment prospects of the AHIBS’ graduates by active promotion of links with local, national and international companies and the public sector, both during studies for internships and for post-graduate employment; and talent development, management, including a real focus on diversity

Alumni Engagement – To encourage and facilitate the participation of AHIBS’ alumni in the promotion of the AHIBS’ activities to support the potential employment of its graduates;


Programme Development – To respond to strategies from AHIBS’ executive committee for guidance on key topics for example -functional projects, the business perspective for particular programmes and programme reviews; and provide advisory input regarding what businesses require of graduate entrants.

More generally, the AHIBS Advisory Council will be linked to the AHIBS in an advisory capacity where desired. There are 5 key areas in which the AHIBS Advisory Council can help AHIBS improve, these are:

  • Generation of interaction and partnerships with businesses and public profile;
  • Refinement of educational and business advisory;
  • Energize branding and reputation initiatives;
  • Curriculum relevancy and its importance;
  • Alumni relations; and
  • Satisfaction rankings, both for education and for community impact.


   The AHIBS Advisory Council is chaired by TAN SRI AZMAN HASHIM

First Meeting of the AHIBS Advisory Council (AAC) Meeting in 2019, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun (third from left), Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Zainuddin Abd Manan (fourth from right) and Professor Nur Naha Abu Mansor (first on left) have ended their term as AAC members.

AHIBS Advisory Council News

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