Master of Business Administration

MBA programme at UTM AHIBS is designed to develop managerial leaders who are equipped with relevant and contemporary knowledge and skills to sustainably manage organizations in relation to diverse stakeholders’ interests; possess strategic thinking ability and leadership qualities to steer organizations towards change and developments. We also offer an MBA (Open Distance Learning) programme to offer you the benefits of online learning to fit your busy lifestyle or work schedule.

“From the very first day I came to UTM IBS, I was impressed by the professors. Apart from all the high standard facilities and learning opportunities, all the lecturers of UTM IBS are truly concerned about each student’s success.”
Dr Faizan Ali, IBS Alumni

Assistant Professor, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

Level - Postgraduate

The programme consists of two stages: the course stage and the research stage.


Minimum : 3 semesters (Face to Face Class Mode)

         : 4 semesters (ODL Class Mode)

Maximum : 8 semesters

Class Mode :

Face to Face
Classes will be held at Azman Hashim International Business School Kuala Lumpur Campus.
Open Distance Learning (ODL)
Classes will be held via online platform.

Entry Requirement

  • Minimum CGPA > 3.50 for fresh graduate from UTM or other recognized universities or an equivalent academic qualification from an overseas establishment approved by the University Senate.
  • Minimum CGPA > 3.00 with 2 years working experience or minimum CGPA 2.00 ≤ 2.99 with 5 years working experience.
  • An English Certificate ELTS ≥ Band 6.0 / TOEFL ≥ 550 OR IELTS = Band 5.5 525 ≤ TOEFL < 550. Must attend English Course Certificate (equivalent to 120 hours of intermediate English)

Courses Structure

Intake 2022/2023 – II onwards. For previous intake, click here.


(for student not from the business and management field or related working experience)

  • Introduction to Business Course (MBSA1303)


(Choose 1 Course Only or any other UGE’s)

  • Organization Behaviour and Development (UBSS6013)
  • Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (UBSS6023)

CORE COURSES (27 Credits)


  • Business Information System (MBSA1133)
  • Strategic Management for Competitiveness and Globalization (MBSA1223)
  • Managerial Economics and Policy Analysis (MBSA1523)
  • Leading Talent in Organizations (MBSA1623)
  • Strategic Innovative Marketing (MBSA1323)
  • Accounting for Business Decision Making (MBSA1413)
  • Strategic Financial Management (MBSA1463)
  • Business Research (MBSA1713)
  • New Venture Creation (MBSA2313)

Elective (9 Credit)

Choose 3 based on block.

General Elective Block

  • Operation and Project Management (MBSA2263)
  • Global Business Environment (MBSA2513)
  • Managing Strategic Transformation in Organizations (MBSA2233)
  • Technology Management and Innovation (MBSA2143)
  • Quality & Change Management (MBSA2013)

*or any other courses in the other Elective blocks

Strategic Management Elective Block

  • Designing Strategy for Value Creation (MBSA2663) (compulsory)
  • Mergers, Acquisition and Alliances for Organizational Growth (MBSA2673) (compulsory)
  • Managing Strategic Transformation in Organizations (MBSA2233)
  • Strategic Negotiation and Competitive Decision-Making (MBSA2563)

Innovation Management Elective Block

  • Agile Project Management (MBSA2183) (compulsory)
  • Design Thinking and Creativity (MBSA2103) (compulsory)
  • Persuasive Visualization (MBSA2123)
  • Customer Experience and Digital Marketing (MBSA2303)
  • Strategic Negotiation and Competitive Decision-Making (MBSA2563)

Healthcare Management Elective Block

  • Healthcare Informatics (MBSA2823) (compulsory)
  • Healthcare Industry, Policy and Development (MBSA2893) (compulsory)
  • Management of Healthcare Organizations (MBSA2833)
  • Healthcare Marketing and Supply Chain (MBSA2893)
  • Epidemiology (MBSA2883)

Islamic Finance Elective Block

  • Islamic Financial System (MBSA2433) (compulsory)
  • Fiqh Muamalat in Banking and Finance (MBSA2543) (compulsory)
  • Islamic Marketing (MBSA2353)
  • Islamic Risk Management (MBSA2523)
  • Sukuk (MBSA2493)
  • Islamic Wealth Management and Financial Planning (MBSA2533)
  • Fintech in Islamic Finance (MBSA2443)

Aviation Management Elective Block

  • Airline Operations (MBSA2153) (compulsory)
  • Airport Operations (MBSA2163) (compulsory)
  • Aviation Crisis Management (MBSA2283)
  • Aviation Safety Management System (MBSA2293)
  • Human Factors in Aviation Safety and Maintenance (MBSA2683)

Business Analytics Elective Block

  • Modern Data Management (MBSA2113) (compulsory)
  • Persuasive Visualization (MBSA2123) (compulsory)
  • Accounting and Finance Analytics (MBSA2553)
  • Marketing Analytics (MBSA2363)

Strategic Talent Management Elective Block

  • Talent Analytics (MBSA2613) (compulsory)
  • Talent Development and Succession Planning (MBSA2623) (compulsory)
  • Diversity Inclusion (MBSA2663)
  • Strategic Compensation Management (MBSA2643)
  • Employer Branding (MBSA2653)

Digital Entrepreneurship Elective Block

  • Design Thinking and Creativity (MBSA2133) (compulsory)
  • Commercialization and Innovation (MBSA2343) (compulsory)
  • Agile Project Management (MBSA2183)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (MBSA2333)
  • Persuasive Visualization (MBSA2123)

Industry 4.0 Elective Block

  • Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing (MBSA2713) (compulsory)
  • Prototyping in Manufacturing 4.0 (MBSA2723) (compulsory)
  • Process Management in Manufacturing 4.0 (MBSA2743)
  • Modern Data Management (MBSA2113)

Family Business Elective Block

  • Family Business Management (MBSA2203) (compulsory)
  • Technology Management and Innovation (MBSA2143) (compulsory)
  • Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making (MBSA2253)
  • Techno-Entrepreneurship (MBSA2323)

The Research (6 Credit)


Research Project


  • Business and Action Research I (MBSA2943)
  • Business and Action Research II (MBSA2953)

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