MBA Current Courses

Master of Business Administration current courses

Courses Structure

Intake 2020/2021 – II onwards. If you are intake 2022/2023 – II onwards, click here.


(Choose 1 Course Only or any other UGE’s)

  • Organization Behaviour and Development (UBSS6013)
  • Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (UBSS6023)

CORE COURSES (27 Credits)


  • Business Information System (MBSA1133)
  • Strategic Management (MBSA1213)
  • Managerial Economics and Policy Analysis (MBSA1523)
  • Leading Talent in Organizations (MBSA1623)
  • Strategic Innovative Marketing (MBSA1323)
  • Accounting for Business Decision Making (MBSA1413)
  • Strategic Financial Management (MBSA1463)
  • Business Research (MBSA1713)
  • New Venture Creation (MBSA2313)

Elective (9 Credit)

Choose 3 based on block.

General Concentration

  • Operation and Project Management (MBSA2263)
  • Global Business Environment (MBSA2513)
  • Managing Strategic Transformation in Organizations (MBSA2233)
  • Technology Management and Innovation (MBSA2143)

*or any other courses in the other concentrations blocks

Strategic Management Concentration

  • Designing Strategic Planning (MBSA2213) (compulsory)
  • Seminar in Global Business Strategy (MBSA2223) (compulsory)
  • Managing Strategic Transformation in Organizations (MBSA2233)
  • Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making (MBSA2253)
  • Managing Mergers, Acquisition and Alliances (MBSA2243)

Techno-entrepreneurship Concentration

  • Techno-entrepreneurship (MBSA2323) (compulsory)
  • Commercialization and Innovation (MBSA2343) (compulsory)
  • Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making (MBSA2253)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (MBSA2333)
  • Managing Strategic Transformation in Organizations (MBSA2233)
  • Technology Management and Innovation (MBSA2143)

Healthcare Management Concentration

  • Healthcare Informatics (MBSA2823) (compulsory)
  • Healthcare Industry and Development (MBSA2813) (compulsory)
  • Management of Healthcare Organizations (MBSA2833)
  • Healthcare Law, Policies and Regulations (MBSA2843)
  • Healthcare Marketing (MBSA2873)
  • Healthcare Business Supply Chain (MBSA2863)
  • Epidemiology (MBSA2883)

Islamic Finance Concentration

  • Islamic Financial System (MBSA2433) (compulsory)
  • Fiqh Muamalat in Banking and Finance (MBSA2543) (compulsory)
  • Islamic Marketing (MBSA2353)
  • Risk Management in Islamic Derivatives (MBSA2453)
  • Sukuk (MBSA2493)
  • Fund Management (MBSA2483)
  • Fintech in Islamic Finance (MBSA2443)

Aviation Management Concentration

  • Airline Operations (MBSA2153) (compulsory)
  • Airport Operations (MBSA2163) (compulsory)
  • Aviation Crisis Management (MBSA2283)
  • Aviation Safety Management System (MBSA2293)
  • Human Factors in Aviation Safety and Maintenance (MBSA2683)

Business Analytics Concentration

  • Modern Data Management (MBSA2113) (compulsory)
  • Persuasive Visualization (MBSA2123) (compulsory)
  • Accounting Analytics (MBSA2413)
  • Finance Analytics (MBSA2423)
  • Marketing Analytics (MBSA2363)

Strategic Talent Management Concentration

  • Talent Analytics (MBSA2613) (compulsory)
  • Talent Development and Succession Planning (MBSA2623) (compulsory)
  • Talent Engagement and Inclusion (MBSA2633)
  • Strategic Compensation Management (MBSA2643)
  • Employer Branding (MBSA2653)

Digital Innovation Concentration

  • Agile Project Management (MBSA2183) (compulsory)
  • Digital Transformation Technology (MBSA2193) (compulsory)
  • Innovative Enterprise Systems (MBSA2393)
  • Digital Security (MBSA2173)
  • Managing Strategic Transformation in Organizations (MBSA2233)

Digital Entrepreneurship Concentration

  • Computational and Design Thinking (MBSA2133) (compulsory)
  • Digital Product Development (MBSA2383) (compulsory)
  • Digital Marketing (MBSA2373)
  • Digital Application Tools (MBSA2273)
  • Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making (MBSA2253)

The Research (7 Credit)

Research Project


  • Action Research I (MBSA2933)
  • Action Research II (MBSA2934)

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