Doctoral Business Administration

DBA  is a professional research degree, designed with aims to advanced business knowledge and develop sound leadership skills. The programme is suitable for professionals with number of years of working experience who wished to progress in their career through a life-long learning education.

I realise when I registered for Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), it is crucial to be able to balance work and study. But the amount of knowledge and networking that I gained from the programme has helped me a lot in my career. 

Ts. Haslinda Rasip

Chief Technology Officer, Dropee Malaysia

Level - Postgraduate

The programme consists of two stages: the course stage and the research stage. 


Minimum : 3 years

Maximum : 8 years


Entry Requirement

  • Master’s Degree with CGPA > 3.50 from UTM or other institutions approved by Senate OR
  • Master’s Degree with CGPA >3.00 from UTM or other institutions plus a minimum of 5 years working experience
  • An English Certificate of IELTS/ TOEFL iBT with a score of Band 6.0/60 and above for international students

Relevant working experience is highly preferred

Class Mode : Face to Face

Classes will be held at Azman Hashim International Business School Kuala Lumpur Campus.

The Core Courses


Marketing Innovation

Code: PBSA 1313

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course aims at critical evaluation of the contemporary concepts and tools for effectively marketing an innovation, particularly relating to High Tech innovations. It integrates product innovations with business model innovations as well as new innovations in marketing approaches. To create a sustainable competitive advantage, an innovation would require a distinctive approach to planning and implementing marketing strategy based on their relevant marketing mix including price, delivery, product offering, and promotion.

Business Economics and Policy

Code: PBSA 1513

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

The main objective of this course is to provide comprehensive coverage of business economics and policies within the micro-macroeconomics theories and application to business decision-making.

People Leadership

Code: PBSA 1613

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course is designed to equip aspiring and progressive executives with the key leadership principles and competencies to achieve sustainable business growth while emphatizing their people’s needs. 

Advanced Decision Science and Data Analytics

Code: PBSA 2113

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course is designed to equip ambitious professionals with a STEM background with a distinct set of skills for data driven organization in a digitized and globalized economy. 

Accounting and Finance for Decision Making

Code: PBSA 1413 

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course focuses on contemporary issues in accounting and finance. Its main aim is to provide advanced knowledge and develop a framework of how these issues are relevant and affect business operations.

Advanced Business Research


Code: PBSA 1763

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

The course will be delivered in a series of modules by introducing action research employing mixed-method design through quantitative and qualitative approaches within a pragmatic research philosophy.

Research Practice I

Code: PBSA 1773

Pre-Requisite Course(s): Advance Business Research

This course is the continuation of Advanced Business Research. Students are required to choose action research as the mode of the project, and use a suitable company to work on real-life problem.

Research Practice II

Code: PBSA 2733

Pre-Requisite Course(s): Research Practice I

In the Research Practice II, the students are expected to complete the Action Research Cycle – 1. For Action Research Cycle 1, the students need to submit the first five chapters and present their report. 

Business Sustainability Project

Code: PBSA 2743

Pre-Requisite Course(s): Research Practice II

The students are expected to produce a project proposal report which includes both the Action Research Cycles. Students are expected to produce at least one publication in an international journal.

Industry Residential and Business Innovation

Code: PBSA 1323

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

The course focuses on improving innovative capabilities and research skills in designing strategies for sustainability.This course requires students to be placed in the industry to design and develop an innovation-oriented intervention plan for the problematic situation of an organization.

Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Code: PBSA 2343

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

The course provides an overview of entrepreneurship and innovation in the global context. It covers the wide-ranging challenges and opportunities in the global economy, and the prospects and risks of industry revolution 4.0 to global entrepreneurs.

Consultancy for Change and Accelerators

Code: PBSA 1213

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course offers learners to harness all consultancy skills against a real-world backdrop that revolves around strengths, potentials, positive achievement of organizations and communities. Learners will be exposed to visuals, dialogues, tools, and respective models.

Advancement of Research and Development

Code: PBSA 1753

Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course focuses on managing R&D in a corporate environment from both strategic and tactical perspectives. Students will evaluate how technology is used as a powerful tool of competitive advantage and growth.

The Elective Course


University Electives (3 credits) . The students need to choose one course only or any other University Electives offered at UTM

Organization Behaviour and Development

Code: UBSS 6013
Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

This course helps students integrate behavioural science theories, tools, concepts, and techniques learned in the lab to an OB application in a “real” organization. Students are expected to conceptualize and apply Organization Behaviour three-level of analysis and synthesize it with the theory and practice of Planned Change for individuals, groups and organizations.

Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

Code: UBSS 6023
Pre-Requisite Course(s): None

The course objectives will be achieved through various teaching and learning methods such as action learning on the community project and a critical examination of case studies that involved ethical issues and dilemmas on complex and controversial business problems.

The Research



Code: PBSA 3010
Pre-Requisite Course(s): Business Sustainability Project

This is a practical project which integrates comprehensive and advanced business knowledge using Action Research Methodology to solve current critical issues in business organization. The student must defend their dissertation by highlighting their contribution and impact on the industry. At the end of the course, student has to submit the dissertation.

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For DBA programme

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For Course Registration

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