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Books written by our researchers, working collaboratively with students, industry partners and researchers from all over the world. You may contact individual authors should you interested to purchase the books.


Industrial Revolution 4.0: Emergence, Evolving Concerns, Challenges and Opportunities

By Shathees Baskaran

Azman Hashim International Business School

e-ISBN: 078-629-97548-1-7

July 2023, Malaysia

RM50 To Purchase, email to

Sustainability and Social Marketing Issues in Asia



By Farzana Quoquab, Jihad Mohammad
Emerald Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-80071-846-3

Link to Purchase

A Handbook of Asean Business Cases: Emerging Issues in Business and Management

By Maizaitulaidawati Md Husin, Haliyana Khalid, Shathees Baskaran, Nomahaza Mahadi

ISBN : 9781543767032

October 2021, Singapore

USD16.95  Link to Purchase

Covid-19: Going Beyond Routine?



By Shathees Baskaran

ISBN : 9781543769975

May 2022, Singapore

USD18.95 Link to Purchase


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