KUALA LUMPUR, 13th August 2019

Following 1 year of UTM Synergy 4.0, the highly promising and successful discussion on the Azman Hashim Advisory Council AHIBS called this meeting to continue engaging industry captains to uplift the sustainability of business education in UTM. The AHIBS Advisory Council’s mission is to provide external perspective and review as well as advocacy and support for AHIBS programs, strategic direction, and overall objectives.

Today, Azman Hashim International Business School, (UTM AHIBS), hosted an Advisory Council meeting for the first time, and chaired by Tan Sri Azman Hashim himself. It was quite a historic milestone for AHIBS as we managed to get the big industry giants like Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Mr Goh Peng Ooi (Silverlake), Tan Sri Tony Fernandez, Tan Sri Saadiah (KPJ), Emeritus Prof Michael Tayles from Hull Business School to sit and discuss the way forward for AHIBS. Million thanks to Tan Sri Azman for chairing and initiating this meeting. Congrats to Dean Prof Nur Naha and DVC, Academic and Internationalisation Prof Zainuddin Manan and highest appreciation goes to the entire AHIBS team and everyone in UTM.


Much of the discussion relate to driving the business school to another level which means to create uniqueness of its business education delivery. Work has to be done to ensure the business school leverage on such existing opportunities. Dean Naha informs such engagement will create positive collaborative innovation across the partners on board. Much emphasis will be driven on niche and focus of the business school model, implementation model, employability, a think tank to business education in specific regions, curriculum content and delivery methods, relationship building, business partners, organising Chairs for specific regions, deployment of resource and added value in all aspects of business education delivery. AHIBS was also to mark and leverage on the connectivity of the council members industry linkages in differing regions of the world. Moving forward was driven by council members agreement to become an active participant in the 2019 strategic planning and alignment of the business school. This marks the branding of a new image on Azman Hashim International Business School.

Update May 2020

Welcome AHIBS Advisory Council new member

Datuk Tong Kooi Ong
Executive Chairman, The Edge Media Group.

Professor Richard H.K Vietor
Emeritus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.

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