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Dr. Farah Akmar

Dr. Farah receives her PhD from IIUM, MM from OUM, and B.Sc.Mgmt from SIU, USA. Her expertise is in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Management and Tawhidic Paradigm with over 24 years of experiences in an academic industry. Dr. Farah started her academician career since 1999 as Junior Lecturer. Subsequently, she concentrated on the academic management line to enhance curriculum quality and syllabus before joining UTM as a Senior Lecturer. Aside from the academic scope, Dr Farah tried her hands to leverage skills in QMS (ISO9001:2008) and is certified as SIRIM auditor. Her research interests are on entrepreneur’s curriculum issues and management related to Malaysian education system. She published to several articles, journals and book chapters and contributes to various peer-reviewed publications.

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Research Interest

Entrepreneurship, Management, Tawhidic Paradigm

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