Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey has become an irresistible allure for an increasing number of individuals, driven by the promise of personal growth and the freedom to shape their own destination.  These aspiring entrepreneurs have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of turning their dreams into reality. 

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Dr. Farah receives her PhD from IIUM, MM from OUM, and B.Sc.Mgmt from SIU, USA. Her expertise is in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Management and Tawhidic Paradigm with over 24 years of experiences in an academic industry. Find more about Dr. Farah, from https://business.utm.my/farah-akmar-intro/

However, as time has passed, many discovered that on of the most fulfilling and promising paths lies in diving headfirst into ecological activities. They have come to realize that this not only holds the potential for business success but also aligns seamlessly with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing these group to contribute meaningfully to a better world. 

What’s truly remarkable is that this group of visionary individuals isn’t solely comprised of seasoned agriculturists aged 45 and above, but also includes a diverse array of young entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.  The passion for ecological entrepreneurship knows no age or boundaries, igniting a fire within these trailblazers as they strive to make a lasting impact on our planet and future generations.

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