The success of business lies in the practice and capabilities of entrepreneurial skills. With the range of qualities and practices poses, they are able to shape the direction, strategy and overall performance of a business. Tons of creative ideas are experimented including the religious beliefs in getting the ideal concept.

In Islamic perspectives, for example, the work approaches the principles of Tawhidic thinking that covers a holistic overview which takes into account ethical considerations, social responsibility, and the pursuit of sustainable and harmonious outcomes. By aligning their actions with Tawhidic principles, entrepreneurs can foster a business environment that values fairness, integrity, and the well-being of all stakeholders. This approach not only contributes to the overall success of the business but also promotes a positive impact on society and the wider economy.

About the author
Dr. Farah receives her PhD from IIUM, MM from OUM, and B.Sc.Mgmt from SIU, USA. Her expertise is in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Management and Tawhidic Paradigm with over 24 years of experiences in an academic industry. Find more about Dr. Farah, from

While there is a need to continuously educate fellow Malaysian that interested to venture in entrepreneurial activities, the question that we always ask is, “How to cultivating awareness of well-being (falah) in life and striving for excellence (itqan) in work within business organisations can be achieved through Tawhidic principles.  On that note, it is clearly seen that the concept of Tawhidic paradigm is now getting large attention from the field.  The study offers the essential requirements of an Islamic practices model for organizing business.  To learn more on the concept and ideas that trigger the ideal practices of entrepreneurs, please click


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