Let’s get happy together

The phrase “we only live once” is so meaningful. It highlights the importance of being happy and to spread this happiness in the surroundings. Spreading happiness not only brings joy to others but also has a positive impact on our own well-being. By cultivating a positive attitude and performing acts of kindness, we can create a ripple effect of happiness that extends beyond ourselves.

Being happy alone does not provide true satisfaction. A true happiness comes when the people around us are also in a happy state of mind – be it our family, friends, or neighbours. Making others happy and boosting their confidence provide a sense of accomplishment. It is more crucial if the person is our loved ones. Indeed, it is important to give them our complete and undivided attention before everything comes to an end. Appreciation is pointless if it is used to cover up feelings of guilt and an unending yearning after the person has passed away.

So, let’s be happy and make others happy.


About the author

Dr Nomahaza Mahadi is an Associate Professor at Azman Hashim International Business School, UTM. Her area of expertise includes organizational behaviour and development and leadership. She has authored and co-authored more than 50 articles and research papers in reputable journals, conference proceedings, book chapters and books. For more information about her research and publications, visit: https://business.utm.my/nomahaza_intro/

About the author

Dr Farzana Quoquab is an Associate Professor at Azman Hashim International Business School, UTM. She is an active researcher and expert in green and sustainability marketing related issues. For more information about her research and publications, visit:

In search for the meaning in life

There is a purpose behind everything that occurs, and that purpose is to teach His slaves the most valuable lessons of the life and to push them to become a better person. Through life’s experiences – both joy and challenges, individuals are given the opportunity to learn and grow. These lessons serve as steppingstones towards personal development which enables individuals to reach their fullest potential. Perfection, in the eyes of God Almighty, goes beyond external appearances or flawless actions. It encompasses a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and a sincere connection with divine principles. Only through introspection and spiritual growth, individuals can truly grasp the profound significance of perfection in their lives.

The heart and the mind are enormous and amazing instruments that God has bestowed upon us in order to help us discover the meaning and purpose of our lives here on earth. If we do not make the most use of these instruments, the devil will take control of the situation, creep into it, and turn this weapon in the wrong direction. We pray that God will keep us safe from the devil.

Power of prayer

A deep faith upon the God Almighty and prayer can help us to overcome our confusion, worry and can guide us towards the right direction. It can protect us from devil and provide us the strength to burry our fear:

“Oh Allah, you are the only means and purpose of my life and there is no others. I surrender my hope and favour only to you.”

To feel happy and have the courage to share happiness among others, Allah teaches us lessons although it feels heavy, it is because He loves us. Yes! Allah really loves His creations. It is true that Allah’s grace is greater than His displeasure. To become a redha servant, we must cultivate a heart of service and a mind that is optimistic. In order to truly embrace redha, it is necessary to first liberate our “weapons,” which are our heart and mind, from the control of the demon.  By freeing ourselves from the control of negative thoughts and emotions, we can align our hearts and minds with Allah’s will. This liberation allows us to fully embrace redha and experience the boundless blessings that come with it. Ultimately, by cultivating a heart of service and an optimistic mindset, we can become true redha servants and bask in the immeasurable grace of Allah.

Great Gracious Allah.

When you feel helpless and lose strength, blow into your mind:

“Oh Allah, I surrender myself, my affairs, my sadness to You. Indeed, You are the All Knowing of my state”


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