DEC 2023

In our latest magazine, we spotlight the synergy between work-life balance and life’s brevity. Emphasizing intentional choices, we delve into quality time with loved ones, mindful consumption, and technology’s role in fostering connections. We touch on progressive management practices and advocate for collective action on climate change in Malaysia.

Fueling Organizational Resilience through Additive Manufacturing: See You COVID-19!

Organizations throughout the world are facing arduous disruptions in various forms that often threaten their endurance and functionality. These include natural disasters, pandemics, economic crisis, political turmoil, technological change and many other types of adversities resulting in.. READ MORE

COVID Business Matrix (CoBuM) for a Remade World

In the serenity of doing business, nobody expected a surprise that would shake this world without any sign. It was March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Far from the eye and far beyond the distance, and that’s what people thought when the coronavirus started its.. READ MORE

The Evolution of Human Resource Management Software & Application

Human Resource Management (HRM) software helps organisations manage and administer their human resources (HR) more efficiently and effectively. Automating routine tasks, increasing productivity, and providing useful information to back up strategic decision-making are.. READ MORE

Nanotechnology Revolutionizing Cosmetic Industry

Nanotechnology has revolutionised the beauty industry, fundamentally changing our perception and usage of cosmetics. Nanotechnology, the manipulation of materials at the nanoscale (one billionth of a metre), has been incorporated into the… READ MORE

Climate Changes in Malaysia: Wake up! It’s real

Climate change presents a profound challenge for Malaysia, with its unique biodiversity and rapidly developing economy. Recent academic studies indicate shifts in weather patterns, rising temperatures, and changing rainfall regimes, affecting everything from… READ MORE

Work Life Balance – Back to The Basic

When we all are heavily engaged in taking care of the source of bread-and-butter, we tend to forget that we also need to care about our body, soul and family. Pandemic taught us a great lesson that ‘time and tide wait for none’. We learned in a hard way that health… READ MORE

Overconsumption – Does It Matter?

Overconsumption can be ascribed to consuming more resources than we need. Study found that, 80% of the world’s natural resources are used by only 20% of the world’s population. Today we use around 50% more natural resources than 30 years ago. Excessive consumption… READ MORE

Positive Communication Is at The Core

In today’s stressful life, perhaps ‘positivity’ is the most important core value that we need to embrace – be it at the workplace or in personal life.  It brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness and… READ MORE

Life Is Too Short To be Wasted

The phrase “we only live once” is so meaningful. It highlights the importance of being happy and to spread this happiness in the surroundings. Spreading happiness not only brings joy to others but also has a positive impact on our own well-being. By… READ MORE

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