JUNE 2023

In the latest issue of our magazine, we delve into the captivating world where technology and business intersect, showcasing the transformative power of innovative solutions in overcoming the challenges of today’s dynamic landscape. From streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences, the harmonious integration of technology and management practices is driving remarkable changes across industries.

A Paradigm Shift in Investing: Risks and Rewards

In the realm of virtual currencies and blockchain technology, a world of endless possibilities awaits. However, with great potential comes great risks. In this article, we will delve into the definition and key features of blockchain technology, explore the development of.. READ MORE..

Embracing Autonomous Vehicles: Transforming Society And Improving Public Health

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are considered a major disruptive technology in the transportation sector, with the potential to produce significant changes in mobility patterns and behaviours. However, the effects of AVs .. READ MORE…

Health and Wellness Programs in Corporate Settings: Expanding Physiotherapy Services to the Workplace

Health and wellness programs have gained significant importance in today’s corporate culture. This is due to the fact that in recent years, the modern organizations recognize the value of .. READ MORE…

Healthcare Fragmentation: The Headache for Healthcare Leaders

In recent years, healthcare fragmentation has emerged as a significant concern in the international community especially in Malaysia. It refers to the trend of increasing division and conflict in healthcare delivery and healthcare personnel. Healthcare fragmentation has been… READ MORE….

Interacting with AI: A Closer Look at ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a recent phenomenon, it has been integrated into our daily lives for a significant period, often operating behind the scenes without us even realizing it. Indeed, AIs envelop us daily, manifesting in our homes, our cars, and our smartphones and … READ MORE…

LinkedIn Unleashed: Igniting Your Business’s Marketing Success on the World’s Premier Professional Platform

LinkedIn, the unrivalled global leader in professional networking, boasts a staggering user base of 774 million worldwide. It has emerged as the pinnacle platform for B2B marketing, with 89% of… READ MORE..

Strategy Beyond COVID-19: Now and Next

The IR 4.0 development has become a new direction for many organizations and ecosystems to lead the more rapid development towards a business world that is expected to bring a variety of innovations. Hence, many businesses are undertaking large-scale transition strategies to reap the advantages of these changes… READ MORE..

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