MAY 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has created the possibilities of change and reform. It has opened up a path to a new world. It is ours to take the opportunity or squander it. In our first issue, we share research articles related to Covid-19 pandemic, both from the academics and our industry partners.

Unlocking Talents via Digital Technology Education

According to through its Job Outlook 2019 report, most employers are undergoing digital transformation to upgrade their business in a more innovative way. Are organizations have digital talents to fulfill the need of digital transformation..READ MORE

Pandemic and Sustainability

Sustainability – the new business ‘Mantra’Sustainability in the business sector suggests us to look for better mechanism, better thinking and better action to sustain in the long run. It emphasizes to sustain economically, socially and environmentally…READ MORE

Way Forward Driving TVET Education in Malaysia

According to UNESCO (2015), the integral components of TVET consists of the development of literacy and numeracy skills, learning to learn, citizenship skills and transversal. The segments of the society are well established through lifelong learning…READ MORE

Business Turnaround: Overcoming Disadvantages

For some housing developers, the provision for “affordable” housing component is a ratio they wish to compromise as it can easily chip away a big chunk of profits. However, that is not the case for a small remote township known as SIBUJAYA, 30 kilometers away from Sibu City, jointly developed by Amcorp Properties Berhad (Amcorp) ..READ MORE

How DHL Express has risen to the COVID-19 challenge

On the morning of 21st February, a convoy of DHL Express trucks made a beeline for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. For the men and women at the wheel, the trip to Sepang is routine. The day’s cargo, however, was anything but. There was a palpable…READ MORE

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