DEC 2022

We end year 2022 with some reflections to reset and reimagining the research possibilities in digital humanities. From immersive experience to corporate social responsibility in the digital era, this issue sparks some insights and direction for trans-disciplinary research in business management. 

The Economy Way Forward

The economy is a system that intimately links supply and demand in a chain of interconnectivity. How do the public dealt with the economy post Covid-19? What are the responsibilities of the government, industry and the citizens?.. READ MORE..

Why Corporate Social Responsibility?

It is perhaps the time to investigate how firms can contribute to mitigating the negative impact that they create upon the environment by taking part in the societal and environmental welfare actively. READ MORE…

Occupational Health: Healthy Spine for Better Productivity

Indeed, ‘occupational health’ is crucial to enhance work productivity and performance. However, we pay less attention on how to keep our spine heathy while busy in doing our everyday office works. READ MORE…

Adolescence Mental Health

There are many challenges of adolescence which includes mental health problems due to physical, emotional and social changes, including exposures to poverties, abuses, or violence. READ MORE….

The ‘Metaverse Tourism’: A New Way of Sustainable Tourism

Immersive experiences have been improving travel and hospitality experiences and given the birth of a new way of tourism – ‘traveling in the metaverse’ which has no impact on the environment. How true is this statement? READ MORE…

Virtual Reality shopping, a worth new unique set of experience

The VR brings online shopping experience to the next level by immersing customers into a fully interactive virtual environment. It is more than just a memorable experience, but gains more attention and gets people talking about it..READ MORE

Is it worth to invest on green social media influencers?

While there are many green movements on Instagram to motivate and influence followers to acquire green consumption behaviours, the evidence so far is yet to be promising. This article has some insights. READ MORE..

Bee Modular UTM and Community Empowerment

A quadruple helix collaboration between UTM, local community, industry and government sectors have came up with innovative solution to solve the problems of conventional bee farming approach and unites all the stakeholders.  READ MORE..

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